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Summer Projects

I’ve gotten completely out of the habit of updating since my little vacation. I think this is half due to the change in the structure of my days, and half to everything else that seems to have popped up out of nowhere all at once. My to do list went from a small handful of things, to not having space for everything on the little board where I keep my list of things that need doing.

That list includes a larger, more permanent place for our goats….. which is going up on the shady side of a larger storage shed. It is going up remarkably quickly for something being done in spare time (ha!).

There was also the first (of what will hopefully be many) Georgia Birth Network’s Birth Ball!After lots of planning and hard work by several of the GBN ladies, it went wonderfully and was well attended. I love when effort pays off.

Mellie is loving the summer. She is a huge fan of the outdoors. When she is fussy and nothing else seems to make her happy, a snack and some grass between her toes works wonders.


Roadtrip To Baby

We’re finally home again, arriving to be greeted by a massively overgrown garden (no pictures of it in full glory since I dove straight into clean up efforts upon arrival without thinking about taking any). That kept me busy last night, so I got all my pictures from the trip uploaded this morning.

Mellie was really amazing on the ride. She only really got fussy right before bedtime and shortly before we arrived back home after 3 hours in stop and go traffic.

We ended up staying for about a week and a half, during which Mellie learned to say “baby”..

..and we did some belly henna.

Then there was a special delivery!


Technically the tradition is see a show at the Fox and eat at the Varsity, but sometimes you need a little creative interpretation, right?

I needed to check in on a client downtown yesterday morning, but expected it to be a very quick visit, so Mellie and Cal came along with me in order to have some family time. Since both Cal and myself have had a several year long craving for the greasy, elementary school field trip memory inducing comfort food served up by the Varsity, we made that our destination. Thus came Mellie’s first visit to the Varsity, and my bad parent strike for the week.

Sitting near enough to the counter to be serenaded with the chorus of “Whaddayahave? Whaddayahave? Whaddayahave?” through out our meal, Mellie sampled a fries, an onion ring, and out so happily sucked down some frosted orange (a sort of orange creamsicle milkshake, for those not of this area), not to mention chewed on the cold straw.

Even more than her snacks (I admit, even though I was okay with her taste testing some junk food, a whole meal of it was still a bit much), she had a blast watching the other people, especially the gobs of children that I assume were there for the reason myself and Cal had both been in years past, school field trips to the Fox Theater. After a bit, however, she started to get fussy and we decided it was time to head out. Next stop? The Atlanta Botanical Gardens!

More Birthday Pictures

I seem to be getting further and further behind on my blog posts, but I’m finally getting caught up on some other stuff that has desperately needing doing. For example, my brand spanking new birth services website is up and running! It’s kind of bare bones, and a bit rough around the edges, but I decided it was time to stop waiting for inspiration to strike me for a design and just put something functional up. I’m getting a new Etsy shop going too, but that project is only partially complete.

I did, however, get Mellie’s birthday party pictures off my camera, sorted, touched up, and ready to print, post and otherwise share!

I love first birthday cake pictures!

Birthday Baby

Last Thursday was Mellie’s first birthday. It’s been a rather crazy few days of party prep, party, trying to maintain the garden while dealing with party, and having my cell phone all but glued to me with two mamas ready to deliver any day now. I still haven’t gotten pictures from her party uploaded, but I do have some from her actual birthday, on which we had a little cake in between other things that had to be done.

The cake is Italian Creme Cake from Sweet Teresa on Douglas Blvd. for anyone in our area. It was amazing!

Other than that, Mellie’s birthday was spent on more practical things. We really needed more mulch for the garden, so it was off to the landfill to get a truck full of the mulched yard debris they put out every week.

Mellie took a nice long nap all the way there and all the way home. She picked the most interesting nap position though, and I just have to share.

Today we’re back to teething, which I’m very eager to be done with.

Earth Day Park Trip

I’m told that yesterday was Earth Day. It’s not a holiday I really keep up with, so I admit to being less than sure about that. In any case, Cal had yesterday off from work, so we took Mellie to Clinton Park after getting a little work done in the garden. They have a new (or new since the last time I lived in this area) play ground that is on the large side and has a number of very interesting things. I was impressed. Mellie seemed to enjoy it for the most part too.

She really got into being swung high (a little too high for me, but paranoia seems to be a common side effect of motherhood) and waving at her shadow.

Then there were things to climb on..

To slide down..

To ride on..

She seemed to particularly like being our dino riding warrior princess, staring down potential foes on the playground from her perch (and dancing the whole time, which I wish you could capture in a photo!).

And, of course, there was Nommy Bunny. Mommy can hold Nommy Bunny for her though. Just for now.

Gone To Grandma’s

Over the weekend (I know it’s almost next weekend now, but where did the time go?!) we went out to visit with my husband’s family. Mellie got to go play with her cousin, Landon, and meet his new pet, a dwarf goat kid.

What a crazy coincidence. Cal and I had been looking at goats all morning trying to decide on registered or not, what breed, where exactly we would keep them, how many we should get to start with, etc. when Cal’s mom called and invited us to dinner, adding that “Hey, we got a goat!”.

We’ve pretty much decided that we’re going to get Dwarf Nigerians for their manageable size, good temperament, and ease of kidding. Plus the fact that Mellie seems to like little goats doesn’t hurt.

She seemed to have a blast just sitting in the grass and watching the goat, reaching for him when he got close enough to be touched. We hung out in the grass for most of the afternoon.

We tried to get home early enough to have a little time to work before the sun set, but we didn’t get much done. It was a gorgeous sunset with bright pink clouds though.

And on a completely unrelated note, I just had to share this photo of a tree that I -think- woodpeckers pecked all the way through. The tree had fallen a long time ago and was mostly held up by a tangle of limbs in the canopy. I saw wood peckers on it from time to time and then, when leaving, a few days ago I noticed it was looking like this.

It’s amazing what those little birds can do.