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Summer Vacation

With the time I took off from work for our Maryland trip, I don’t go back on-call until mid-July. Cal had some vacation days to use up and an opportunity to use them. The stars aligned and everything seemed to magically fall in place, so last week we took the hint, packed up at the last second, and headed for the Appalachian Foothills to get away from everything for a few days. This was Mellie’s first visit to the mountains.

We spent some time on a section of the Pinhoti Trail (a hundred something mile stretch of trail that winds through the foothills before connecting with the Appalachian Trail in northwestern Georgia), camped with the in-laws, and made a detour down a smaller trail (Chinabee Silent) to a gorgeous set of waterfalls where Mellie greatly enjoyed a little (heavily supervised) wading.

I hope to go back soon.


Roadtrip To Baby

We’re finally home again, arriving to be greeted by a massively overgrown garden (no pictures of it in full glory since I dove straight into clean up efforts upon arrival without thinking about taking any). That kept me busy last night, so I got all my pictures from the trip uploaded this morning.

Mellie was really amazing on the ride. She only really got fussy right before bedtime and shortly before we arrived back home after 3 hours in stop and go traffic.

We ended up staying for about a week and a half, during which Mellie learned to say “baby”..

..and we did some belly henna.

Then there was a special delivery!

Greetings From Maryland

My munchkin and I are visiting my best friend outside of Baltimore as she eagerly awaits the beginning of her own journey into parenthood. After a somewhat long road trip with a small child, we are here and settled in and have been for a few days. I have taken a ton of pictures, but my brilliant idea of bringing both camera and laptop and continuing to update like normal isn’t working out the way I had expected it to. Then again, how often do thing really go as planned?

Soon it will be back to normal schedule, but, until then, please wish my favorite Maryland mama-to-be (and the associated daddy) a quick, easy, uncomplicated birth for their first child!