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Getting Ready For Fall

It feels much too hot out to be worried about fall. That said, with longer germination later in the year, it’s time to put those newspaper seedling cups to use. I want to grow produce year round, not just at the peak of summer, so as we approach cooler temperatures I’ll be replanting a number of things that we grew in the spring. Currently being sprouted indoors for planting after temperatures drop off a bit are beets, spinach, radishes, arugula, carrots, and lettuce. I’ll be adding kale, swiss chard, turnips, and bok choy once I have more seedling cups made.

I’m also trying to get a few blueberry bushes and peach trees going as a bit of an experiment. They’ll be grown in containers.

We’ve started trying to put away extras for the winter when possible. Tomatoes are being canned one jar at a time as they ripen, and blueberries have filled the freezer a couple of gallons at a time.

The shed is also coming along. With any luck, the goat side (not really visible in this picture) will be completed within the next week. All the rafters are in place, hurricane clips have been attached (to prevent the roof from blowing off in a storm), roofing is going up, and siding will soon follow. I think Cai and Vi are ready to move into their more long term home.


Summer Projects

I’ve gotten completely out of the habit of updating since my little vacation. I think this is half due to the change in the structure of my days, and half to everything else that seems to have popped up out of nowhere all at once. My to do list went from a small handful of things, to not having space for everything on the little board where I keep my list of things that need doing.

That list includes a larger, more permanent place for our goats….. which is going up on the shady side of a larger storage shed. It is going up remarkably quickly for something being done in spare time (ha!).

There was also the first (of what will hopefully be many) Georgia Birth Network’s Birth Ball!After lots of planning and hard work by several of the GBN ladies, it went wonderfully and was well attended. I love when effort pays off.

Mellie is loving the summer. She is a huge fan of the outdoors. When she is fussy and nothing else seems to make her happy, a snack and some grass between her toes works wonders.

Goats Galore!

Meet Violet and Caiphus, our new Nigerian Dwarf kids!

They came to us from Flights of Fancy Farm in Jasper, GA. Mellie was a little skeptical when we first picked them up, but this morning she headed down the stairs and opened the front door herself to go out and see them! (Yikes!)

We picked them up on Saturday and then spent Sunday working on a shed and shady summer pasture space for them. (Picture is of the larger storage shed that’s going up, on the side of which the goat shed will be. I took pictures before we got the frame in place yesterday.)

I hope they’ll be happy in their new home!

Playing Catch Up

Yesterday was CSA pick up day, and I realized that I never posted last week’s CSA contents. Mellie has been ready for a nap right after getting home both weeks, so neither box has been photographed before being put away. In any case, the last two weeks have included radishes, strawberries, spinach, oyster mushrooms, lettuce, onions (green last week, sweet yellow this week), sugar peas, beets and green beans.

Out of our own garden we’re also getting radishes now. The first eggplants of the year are visible of the plants now too! I love eggplant so much and am really looking forward to these.

I haven’t been giving the garden the love and attention it deserves lately in favor of other projects (though I spent a good portion of yesterday catching up on weeding, thinning and moving seedlings, and laying out some fresh mulch). I’ve been finishing up half finished sewing projects (I had a box full of them) so I can start some new ones.

I have a bunch of fleece remnants I’ve been collecting that I’d like to turn into a small horde of plushies, some for gifts and others for sale. I keep my fabric scraps to reuse as stuffing, and I’ve accrued enough that it’s really time to use some.

I also got word yesterday that there is a Dwarf Nigerian doeling available for us to reserve from Flights of Fancy Farm (dam: Indy, sire: Koda)! I was hoping to get a pair of does, but we’re going to get a pet wether to keep her company instead.

She will be our first dairy goat. No name yet, but I think she looks like a “Violet”. We need to do a little more work to get every thing ready for her, but there is time. She’ll be staying with her mama for a few more weeks until she is weaned. I can’t wait to have her join our little setup here. In addition to being super cute, she will give us milk and manure in trade for a little space, hay, and grain.

Gone To Grandma’s

Over the weekend (I know it’s almost next weekend now, but where did the time go?!) we went out to visit with my husband’s family. Mellie got to go play with her cousin, Landon, and meet his new pet, a dwarf goat kid.

What a crazy coincidence. Cal and I had been looking at goats all morning trying to decide on registered or not, what breed, where exactly we would keep them, how many we should get to start with, etc. when Cal’s mom called and invited us to dinner, adding that “Hey, we got a goat!”.

We’ve pretty much decided that we’re going to get Dwarf Nigerians for their manageable size, good temperament, and ease of kidding. Plus the fact that Mellie seems to like little goats doesn’t hurt.

She seemed to have a blast just sitting in the grass and watching the goat, reaching for him when he got close enough to be touched. We hung out in the grass for most of the afternoon.

We tried to get home early enough to have a little time to work before the sun set, but we didn’t get much done. It was a gorgeous sunset with bright pink clouds though.

And on a completely unrelated note, I just had to share this photo of a tree that I -think- woodpeckers pecked all the way through. The tree had fallen a long time ago and was mostly held up by a tangle of limbs in the canopy. I saw wood peckers on it from time to time and then, when leaving, a few days ago I noticed it was looking like this.

It’s amazing what those little birds can do.