Home Is Where The Heart Is

This post is picture free for the moment since the drawings for the house aren’t completely finished. I’ll share when they are.

Now that the temperature isn’t hitting three digits on  a regular basis and the garden is in a more manageable state for the moment, focus is shifting back to our future home. The new goat shed needs to be finished first, but it’s positioned so that’s work in the shade. In the meantime, building plans can be worked on after the sun goes down or during midday heat. Mellie has recently discovered stairs and doorknobs, effectively severing my connection with my computer until better baby proofing is in place, so our plans are being hand drawn. It’s been a good excuse to break out a whole box of drafting tools I haven’t used since college.

Our floor plan has been worked out and I have some elevations done. We still haven’t gotten the utilities that run under the site accurately mapped which is putting a delay on the site plan. Hopefully that can be addressed and all the planning taken care of in time for us to have a building permit and the ability to start working on the foundation when it starts to cool of at the end of the summer/start of fall. That should give us the most time to work before it gets too cold to do much. Plus, after the foundation is in place and the slab has been poured, we can go ahead and get the containers placed, then use them to store building materials until the spring.

I’m so eager to see things start coming together.


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