Sunny Side Cafe – Support A Local Business

I had been wanting to write something up about supporting local businesses for awhile, but this one deserves it’s own post. On recommendations from some of the hubby’s co-workers, we had a family breakfast at the Sunny Side Cafe on Sunday morning. I was expecting a pancake diner type establishment where I would eat to not be hungry anymore and then move on, filing it away in my mind with other establishments I’ve been to that offered flavorless pancakes and burnt coffee. What I found was a very pleasant surprise.

I shouldn’t have been caught so off guard I suppose. When your building backs up to a farmer’s market and your space is two doors down from a CSA’s base of operations, it seems obvious that you would do well to utilize those resources. My search for a place to eat out that offered food that followed the same guidelines as our nutritional adventures at home seems to have ended over an omelet made with locally grown produce and locally lain eggs. Even their meat is pastured raised, grass fed, hormone free and local. That is something that has seemed to fall into the realm of “too much to ask” even for the few restaurants I’ve known to use some local produce.

Supporting a local business that supports other local businesses is the ultimate on my list of ways to stimulate the local economy. When that stimulus also comes with great service, wonderfully tasty food, and a little concern for the quality of the ingredients they’re working with, consider me sold!


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