How To Make Newspaper Seedling Cups

When I first started this whole blog thing I had fully intended to post a ton of tutorials and patterns as a way of giving back after years of learning that way myself. I’ve kind of failed in that area, but better late than never.

You can make biodegradable seedling cups out of misprinted printer paper, old newspapers, even junk mail. These are fantastic because when your seedlings are ready to go in the ground, you just stick pot and all in the dirt and let it grow. All you need it some kind of paper and a couple of cups about the size you want to make that fit together well.

To start, cut or tear your paper into strips that are a bit wider than the depth of the cup you plan to make. Mine are approximately 6 inches wide for roughly 3 and a half inch tall cups.

To start, fold over one of the long edges, just to give it a bit of stability.

Next, fold side at the top, wrap the paper around your cup.

Next, fold the ends below the bottom of the cup over to close the bottom.

Slide the second cup over this and press them together to mold the paper into the desired shape.

You now have a seedling cup that is perfectly usable, but for a little added strength, we’ll go a bit further. Take the seedling cup out of its mold and you will find there is a sort of loose edge.

Carefully fold the top edge of the cup down towards the inside of the cup, then slide back over your mold to really get a firm crease.

Now your seedling cup is ready to use! You can sandwich it between the cups you used for a mold overnight to get it really good and set into a cup-like shape, or you can fill it with some soil, drop a seed in it, and begin eagerly awaiting the first glimpse of green. Whatever you choose, enjoy!


3 responses to this post.

  1. this is great jen! thanks!


  2. How did I now think of this? We get the paper everyday, and I always try and do stuff with it so I am not just tossing it out.



  3. […] about fall. That said, with longer germination later in the year, it’s time to put those newspaper seedling cups to use. I want to grow produce year round, not just at the peak of summer, so as we approach cooler […]


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