A Rainy Morning

I had big plans for work in the garden this morning while I had help. The plan was to finish mulching the pathways in the front of the garden, set up more poles for the beans and some morning glories that have popped up, transplant some of the eggplant seedlings that need thinning to an empty space on another row, move the small pen to a spot that’s rather overgrown so the goats can clean it up for us after they arrive, and get a little experiment with growing onions in a vertical, green wall inspired set up going. Nice, clear plan right? Unfortunately it was dependent on the weather.

It stormed all night and i s continuing to sprinkle this morning. The water is good for the plants at least. Check out the blooms that are popping up on one of my sweet banana pepper plants!

Since gardening was out, I made breakfast and we hung out inside eating pancakes and catching up on reading. Cal is trying to learn some programming, so he read his manual and occasionally did a little experimenting on our laptop while I cooked.

I also did some fresh henna on myself while I had the free time. The last round was getting pretty faded, though you can still see the faintest impression of it on my second toe.

I was kind of hoping that the sun might come back out and be drying things up by the time I finished the henna, but that isn’t the case. I suppose it’s just going to be an indoor kind of day. Time to catch up on some crafting!


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