Playing Catch Up

Yesterday was CSA pick up day, and I realized that I never posted last week’s CSA contents. Mellie has been ready for a nap right after getting home both weeks, so neither box has been photographed before being put away. In any case, the last two weeks have included radishes, strawberries, spinach, oyster mushrooms, lettuce, onions (green last week, sweet yellow this week), sugar peas, beets and green beans.

Out of our own garden we’re also getting radishes now. The first eggplants of the year are visible of the plants now too! I love eggplant so much and am really looking forward to these.

I haven’t been giving the garden the love and attention it deserves lately in favor of other projects (though I spent a good portion of yesterday catching up on weeding, thinning and moving seedlings, and laying out some fresh mulch). I’ve been finishing up half finished sewing projects (I had a box full of them) so I can start some new ones.

I have a bunch of fleece remnants I’ve been collecting that I’d like to turn into a small horde of plushies, some for gifts and others for sale. I keep my fabric scraps to reuse as stuffing, and I’ve accrued enough that it’s really time to use some.

I also got word yesterday that there is a Dwarf Nigerian doeling available for us to reserve from Flights of Fancy Farm (dam: Indy, sire: Koda)! I was hoping to get a pair of does, but we’re going to get a pet wether to keep her company instead.

She will be our first dairy goat. No name yet, but I think she looks like a “Violet”. We need to do a little more work to get every thing ready for her, but there is time. She’ll be staying with her mama for a few more weeks until she is weaned. I can’t wait to have her join our little setup here. In addition to being super cute, she will give us milk and manure in trade for a little space, hay, and grain.


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