Birthday Baby

Last Thursday was Mellie’s first birthday. It’s been a rather crazy few days of party prep, party, trying to maintain the garden while dealing with party, and having my cell phone all but glued to me with two mamas ready to deliver any day now. I still haven’t gotten pictures from her party uploaded, but I do have some from her actual birthday, on which we had a little cake in between other things that had to be done.

The cake is Italian Creme Cake from Sweet Teresa on Douglas Blvd. for anyone in our area. It was amazing!

Other than that, Mellie’s birthday was spent on more practical things. We really needed more mulch for the garden, so it was off to the landfill to get a truck full of the mulched yard debris they put out every week.

Mellie took a nice long nap all the way there and all the way home. She picked the most interesting nap position though, and I just have to share.

Today we’re back to teething, which I’m very eager to be done with.


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