Growing Bellies and Baby Plants

The garden is coming along well. The rain gave it an amazing boost. Some of our plants have had growth spurts so drastic, it’s a wonder we didn’t see them growing.

I’m looking forward to the first meal we get to have entirely from the garden. For now we’ll be eating some of the goodies from our new CSA membership. I stumbled across this one recently and am very pleased with the first delivery. It’s a group of small farms instead of a single farm, so the variety is awesome. Our first box contained  locally grown carrots, lettuce, cabbage, coriander, fresh herbal tea mix, apple mint, strawberries, kale, spinach, and leek, local raw wildflower honey, cornmeal, grits, and pancake mix from local farms and mills, locally roasted fair trade sumatran coffee, a baggie of roasted nuts seasoned with rosemary, and a tiny loaf of cranberry nut bread. Since it was our first delivery from them, it also came with a cookbook and a reusable bag.

I’m not thrilled with the fact that everything comes bagged in plastic though. There must be some way to get around that. That said, it’s still a world of improvement over a trip to Kroger.

On a non-food related note, I had the pleasure of doing a belly henna design yesterday on an expectant mama who had a general idea of what she wanted (grapevines) and let me just run with it from there. I love being able to just freehand things with the henna. I’m thrilled with how it turned out!

I had a bunch of henna left over (I mixed up a good deal since I didn’t know what design she was going to want), so I decided to do a little work on myself. I managed to get some time to let it sit and dry (thank you Calvin!), but eventually the need to do things other than sit playing cards became too great, and that time ran out. I got a pretty decent stain out of it for only having it on for a couple of hours though. A couple of spots the design got sort of rough, but I’m trying not to worry about it too much. The soles of your own feet aren’t the easiest places to reach while maintaining control over the application.


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  1. i love how happy plants are after the rain. and your henna is beautiful!


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