Earth Day Park Trip

I’m told that yesterday was Earth Day. It’s not a holiday I really keep up with, so I admit to being less than sure about that. In any case, Cal had yesterday off from work, so we took Mellie to Clinton Park after getting a little work done in the garden. They have a new (or new since the last time I lived in this area) play ground that is on the large side and has a number of very interesting things. I was impressed. Mellie seemed to enjoy it for the most part too.

She really got into being swung high (a little too high for me, but paranoia seems to be a common side effect of motherhood) and waving at her shadow.

Then there were things to climb on..

To slide down..

To ride on..

She seemed to particularly like being our dino riding warrior princess, staring down potential foes on the playground from her perch (and dancing the whole time, which I wish you could capture in a photo!).

And, of course, there was Nommy Bunny. Mommy can hold Nommy Bunny for her though. Just for now.


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