Gone To Grandma’s

Over the weekend (I know it’s almost next weekend now, but where did the time go?!) we went out to visit with my husband’s family. Mellie got to go play with her cousin, Landon, and meet his new pet, a dwarf goat kid.

What a crazy coincidence. Cal and I had been looking at goats all morning trying to decide on registered or not, what breed, where exactly we would keep them, how many we should get to start with, etc. when Cal’s mom called and invited us to dinner, adding that “Hey, we got a goat!”.

We’ve pretty much decided that we’re going to get Dwarf Nigerians for their manageable size, good temperament, and ease of kidding. Plus the fact that Mellie seems to like little goats doesn’t hurt.

She seemed to have a blast just sitting in the grass and watching the goat, reaching for him when he got close enough to be touched. We hung out in the grass for most of the afternoon.

We tried to get home early enough to have a little time to work before the sun set, but we didn’t get much done. It was a gorgeous sunset with bright pink clouds though.

And on a completely unrelated note, I just had to share this photo of a tree that I -think- woodpeckers pecked all the way through. The tree had fallen a long time ago and was mostly held up by a tangle of limbs in the canopy. I saw wood peckers on it from time to time and then, when leaving, a few days ago I noticed it was looking like this.

It’s amazing what those little birds can do.


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  1. What a great pictures. It is so refreshing to start a day watching sunset.


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