Food, Inc.

I’ve been slacking on blog updates, I know. I’ve had a sudden rush of doula clients, combined with gardening, preparations for getting our first livestock (dairy goats!), managing a vehicle rotation schedule of two cars for four people all working different jobs and shifts, and chasing hurricane Mellie around the house, that has kept me on the run. I’ve got some great pictures of the munchkin, new growth in the garden, and an adorable little dwarf goat buck that my in-laws got for my nephew. They are, for now, still on my camera though, and will have to wait. For now I will leave you with this…

It airs tomorrow on PBS. It looks like it should be a good one!


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  1. girrrrrrl, what you mean you been slackin’? you’ve got my one-post-a-week beat, that’s for sure. 🙂 but i’m also itching for new pics of baby girls and baby plants. so git to it!


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