Something For The House

While Mellie naps, I shall update!

How precious is that?

The garden is finally starting to look like a garden instead of a tornado touchdown point.

If nothing else, I can at least say with confidence that it looks more like the plan every day. I’m sure the leafy green goodness that is starting to peek out won’t hurt that either.

Taxes are done. The garden is at a stage where my contribution to it until it develops further is mostly limited to watering and keeping a watchful eye out for stray bermuda grass. That means something wonderful to me. I have time to work on the house! Not much really, but enough to swing by the thrift store while I was in town mailing tax forms anyways. I had heard a little rumor that one of the thrift stores in our area seems to end up with a phenomenal amount of lighting. I felt this was worth looking into given the difficulty I’ve been having finding sources for light fixtures that fit into my plan to buy only (or as much as possible) handmade, reused, or reclaimed materials, especially ones that fit into my budget (hand blown glass sconces on Etsy, I love you so much, but you are cost prohibitive).

I was first surprised by the sheer number of old light fixtures they had. I expected maybe three or four, not an entire shelving unit piled with them! Then I was even more surprised to find something I liked. Not was okay with, or felt like it was better than nothing, but I liked! The glass part is missing and it needs to be smoothed and repainted, but that’s a plus in a way. Anything that needs a little work to start with is that much easier to customize.

I had the idea to take thrifted tea cups and cut the bottoms to fit instead of the normal, bell shaped glass that I’m just not interested in putting in these. I have a bit of an obsession with tea sets and think that would be a way to bring a little of myself to this. I’m afraid that would make the light a little too focused though. Whether or not that idea makes the cut, I will figure something out!

And on one last note, before I take my Mellie nap time and apply it to things that need to be done far more than blog updates, the dandelion wine has been strained and is all settled in to a safe place where it will live for a bit until it finds a more long term home in a couple of beautiful blue glass bottles that await it!


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