Baby Gates

I’m not going to pretend this post is anything other than what it is. It is blatant mom worship. My mother made some truly awesome custom baby gates for our random width spaces that we decided to use as the barriers for an ever increasingly mobile Mellie. I love how they came out and just had to show them off!

This one is to halt baby access to the kitchen because I am a mean mommy who wishes to withhold the dog food, nice warm oven and door to outside that is frequently open from my curious crawler.

The other is kind of a catch all that keeps the little miss away from the other side of the kitchen, front door and stairs. This one currently has the travel crib and a birth ball in service as the “gate” since tax season has put a temporary hold on baby gate installation. Even without it being finished, I think you see how well it turned out. The only thing better than crafty mothers is crafty grandmothers!

Please excuse the mess in the background. Spring cleaning is next on the agenda (well, sort of). I already started a little on my desk. I swear this is better than it was! My box for greeting cards is out of space for new ones, and the huge mass of cables seems safer on my desk than below where they’re accessible for little hands. Once those two problems are remedied, I believe I’ll actually have a desk again!


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