Of Sprouting Seeds and Guard Cats

There are signs of life popping up in the garden! Yesterday morning Mellie and I went out to get a few hours of gardening in before it got too hot, and there they were! Beautiful, green, and tiny new life poking out of the soil. The beans, in particular, seem to have just sprung up over night. The garden in starting to look like a garden now. I look forward to it being leafy, green and lush, but nature should not be rushed.We didn’t get much time in the garden, however, as the little miss has apparently now deemed the garden to be something she’s seen enough of. I let her play in the dirt a bit, but when she got bored with that and took off at top speed for the wood line, I decided that maybe going for a walk wasn’t such a bad idea. It turned out to be an excellent idea for both of us. Mellie got a change of scenery and I got a slew of new flower pictures. It seems everything has suddenly burst into bloom!Some of the azaleas still have little buds on them. In some ways, I think they’re more beautiful at that stage.

The dogwood whose still green, curled up flowers I posted before, have flopped open and turned snow white.The pink, later blooming dogwood is covered in flowers now as well.A little to my annoyance, it seems like half the dandelions in the area were waiting for me to spend hours trying to find every one I could before they showed their little yellow faces.We walked up the hill to the new house site (as you may have noticed, building plans are on hold until the garden is planted under the theory that food should come first), down the runway, and up the road to get the mail. While this may sound like a perilous journey, never fear. We were accompanied by our brave guard cat who is ever willing to defend us from all wind blown leaves, butterflies, beetles and squirrels that might dare to intrude upon our outing!


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