C-Section Awareness Rally

April is C-section Awareness month. If you’re involved in the birth community, you may already know this. If not, you probably don’t. That’s a problem.

I will limit my rant on the overuse of C-sections to this:

The World Health Organization’s recommendation on C-sections is that no country’s rate of cesarean should be over 15%. Research has shown that when the rate exceeds 15% maternal and infant mortality rates actually begin to rise, rather than fall. The United States does more than double the amount of cesareans considered to be truly necessary and lifesaving. With potential side effects like severe hemorrhoids, infection, hemorrhage, surgical complications necessitating hysterectomy,  blood clots, increased chance of placenta issues in future pregnancies, and infertility, to name a few, there is no good reason for cesareans to be treated like they are are a completely safe, less barbaric way of delivering our children into this world.

ICAN and the Georgia Birth Network have organized a rally this Saturday afternoon (April 17th @ 1pm) outside Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta. I’m really not the get out and protest, sign in hand, type person for the most part, but sometimes exceptions must be made.


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  1. Very interesting read! Truely..


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