Overdue Easter Illustration

This one is for you, Mary!

I started this drawing well before Easter, during a batch of bad weather that was keeping us all indoors. While Mellie naps on me it’s very challenging to draw, but I can generally color. Since I already had all the drawing and line work done on this from weeks ago, Mellie napping on me all day while teething has let me finish it up, even if it’s now a bit late. I can’t really use it for a holiday promo for work anymore (a little late for this year at least), so I thought I would just share it here instead!

Also, here is the completed version of an image I showed an early work in progress of in a previous post.



One response to this post.

  1. so awesome! i just now saw this…thank you so much for posting. i want to know what happens after once upon a time! again, your drawing ability is amazing. xo


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