A Beautiful Spring Morning

Today was a lovely day, though we only spent the early part of it outside. It was a bit too sunny this afternoon for tender baby skin, which, combined with a teething little one (Mellie has finally cut her first tooth!) who really just wanted to nurse and sleep, resulted in us staying inside for most of the day. I actually wasn’t planning on putting up a post today, since our schedule while teething is in progress is not conducive to writing, photography or much else for that matter. Still, when I walked out this morning to do some garden work before it got too bright and hot out, the sun light filtering through the forest east of the house just begged to be photographed.

As I was standing there trying to find the best setting on my camera for this shot, a sure sign of spring flew right over me, honking the whole way.

And after that it was just a downward spiral as I noticed the later blooming varieties of daffodil have finally unfolded their petals…

The dogwoods have small, still green flowers on their otherwise bare branches..

And the apple trees have tiny, round, pink buds starting to open up into small white flowers.

The madonna lily stems and seeds left over from last year still stand as a reminder of winter, but they’re nestled among an increasingly green backdrop.

If teething settles down some overnight tonight, tomorrow will be back to the garden. Even more lovely heirloom seeds have arrived since my last post about them and they need to be planted. We also have years worth of lily seeds washing down from the bank on which they’re planted to dig up and trade to friends and neighbors for other plants, which will then need to be planted too.

Earlier this spring we cut down a corkscrew willow that was growing much too close to the house for comfort. Now the logs and branches from that adventure have decided they’re going to pop out some new growth and take root again. Moving them to an area near the building site where they can feel free to grow into big beautiful new trees is also on my to-do list.

If I get time I’m also hoping to pick some of the mass of violets growing rampant on the north side of the house and make crystallized violets to decorate Mellie’s birthday cake!

Here’s hoping that tooth (or teeth!) finishes it’s journey to the surface soon! The happy version of my baby likes playing in the dirt much more than the teething version.


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