Pickles, Wildflowers and the Garden

It continues to rain on and off here. It’s nice to work in the garden or go for a walk in between the batches of rain when it’s not too cold or too bright, but then there’s the mud issue. I managed to get my first bed entirely planted and mostly mulched (the wind and gravity have been having fun with the mulch I’ve tried to put on the sloped sides). There is also some plastic from a roll that was being thrown out for no apparent reason (it hadn’t been opened!) that I put down to block the evil, evil bermuda grass from coming up in my walkway to the back deck.

I also dead headed a few stray marigolds that were still in the dirt from last season. They got a little damp while I was out though, and now they need to be planted ASAP!

Despite the rain, we did get out for a quick walk yesterday, on which I stopped to photograph some wildflowers that are in full bloom. I got a little rain on my lense though, so excuse the random blurry spots.

Since the rain kept us indoors for so much of the day, I took the opportunity to make celery pickles from a recipe I found on JustHungry.

They were so good! I served a few with dinner and had the rest for a different, but tasty breakfast this morning. I had intended to photograph the finished pickles, but I sort of forgot and kept munching on them until there was nothing but pickle juice left in the bowl. Oops.


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