Playing Catch Up

I have been neglecting to bring my camera up with me when I come upstairs to the computer lately. As that is the case, pictures have been piling up on my camera again and I’ve been putting off really updating the blog stuff under the excuse of waiting until I have pictures to go with my post. Time to catch up.

Spring is in full swing here. I’m running so far behind on getting our plot planted for this year, but I’m trying to get it done. I’ve been putting it off in hopes of the weather taking a turn for the better, but as the end of March approaches and we are pretty firmly past any risk of frost it’s simply time to either do it or don’t for the year. As one of my big goals for this year is to grow at least half of our food, I’m going for it.

Also going on around here, Mellie, my little girl, is quickly approaching her first birthday! I need to finish up everything for her birthday party and send out invitations, but it hasn’t been done yet. Most of the decorations are done, I made her a little party dress, and we have set a date. I’m so excited about celebrating my little one’s first year!

Mellie is highly mobile these days and loves to walk around (with help of course).

She loves to go out and walk with me. I made her a little bonnet to help keep her dry in the rain and the sun off her face when our local star decides to come out of hiding.

Together we walk, explore and look for treasure (like roof trusses and concrete blocks).

Mellie loves to touch the different things we see. I tell her what the different plants are and what I know about them. I love watching her discover new things, like the prickly feeling of a sweet gum tree’s seed balls or the soft moss on the side of a tree trunk.


2 responses to this post.

  1. i. can. not. believe. that mellie is almost a year. how did that happen? that dress is super super cute, as is the bonnet. i would love if you put out a bonnet tutorial. i have been making fern hats, but the bonnet style (without the brim) has completely confounded me for some reason. xo


    • I can’t either! I recently got all of her baby pictures from birth to 9 months together and I just couldn’t believe how much she’s grown. Some times it seems like I should still be pregnant and then I look down and my little girl is standing up next to me and trying to walk on her own!

      The bonnet in this post is really easy. I made it in one evening after dinner. I just need to hop in photoshop and turn my pattern into a pdf. I’m having some technical difficulties or I’d already have it posted.


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